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Upgrade to faster internet!

From R55 per month you can upgrade to faster internet!

If you are still using an old LTE modem it could be causing your slow speeds. Upgrade your connection by upgrading to a super fast LTE modem router!

Huawei B311 Cat 4 R1359
Huawei B316 Cat 4 R1795
Huawei B535 Cat 7 R2174 or from R55 pm
Huawei B818 Cat 19 R3439 or from R90 pm

Price includes delivery to your door in South Africa.

Apply for finance on ultiweb.za.net/GetITonCredit and order on support.za.net

Our modems are compatible with rain who uses the B3 1800 MHz and B38 2600 MHz band. Your older modem may not support the 2600 MHz band. It could possibly resolve problems with speeds issue.

*The B535 pictured. Actual product may vary. Terms & conditions apply.